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Free download subaru tomtom map update. In-dash navigation systems for Subaru with TomTom maps and services. All New Subaru Multimedia and Subaru Starlink Navigation System. Update. Support. Apps. Car. Motorcycle. Large Vehicles. In-dash navigation. Accessories. close. TomTom Navigation Systems. For Subaru. Subaru All-New STARLINK® Multimedia Available on the all-new Subaru. Your new Subaru navigation map update is here.

With these incredible savings, now has never been a better time to update. Save time. Spend 18% less time per year (4 days) on the road* Save fuel. Save 12% on fuel with efficient routes* Save money. Save on maintenance with less wear and tear on your Subaru* Reduce emissions. 3. Download and install the Map Downloader app for Mac or PC using the link on 4. Open the app and login with your newly created account.

5. Press the “+” button on the bottom right to add a vehicle using your VIN number. 6. Click the UPDATES tab to see available updates for your Subaru. If there is an update available. Vehicle Navigation Map Updates. Please enter your Subaru vehicle's Year, Model, and Trim to search for Vehicle Navigation Map Updates.

Year * Model. Trim. Search for Updates *Updates only available for model years and newer. 3 Choose Your Update Method You have two options to update your Subaru: 1.

Via a WI-FI connection: This will update the multimedia system software but not the on-board TomTom navigation maps. 2. USB Drive Using Your Computer: This will update the multimedia system software AND the TomTom navigation maps at the same Size: 1MB.

Went to the Subaru Maps website (Subaru Map Update Delivery Portal) and downloaded the Map Updater app and got the current update installer no problems. The map update installer advised that it needed at least a 16Gb USB drive to install onto.

Your new Subaru STARLINK® comes equipped with an integrated navigation system, powered by TomTom. You will benefit from the state-of-the-art navigation technology and optimized mapping routes to guide you on safer, better and, ultimately, more enjoyable journeys.

And because the state-of-the-art navigation system is offered in a variety of Subaru models, you can choose the vehicle that is best for you and still receive the benefits the Subaru TomTom navigation system has to offer. Subaru STARLINK Multimedia Navigation powered by TomTom is available for: / Subaru Impreza; Subaru Crosstrek. Which TomTom navigation device need a critical update before April 6, ? Find out now if your TomTom device requires a quick software update before.

Download and install the Map Downloader app for Mac or PC using the link on subaru Open the app and login with your newly created account. Press the “+” button on the bottom right to add a vehicle using your VIN number.

Select the Updates tab to see available updates for your Subaru. Subaru offers map updates online through their online portal. You can click here to update your navigation or see the detailed instructions below: Remove your vehicle's microSD card from the navigation unit.

Seen here is a Subaru Legacy Limited owned by. Subaru Map Update Delivery Portal - get the latest map updates for your Subaru. Visit for more infoThis map update only applies to the Subaru Outback, Legacy, Impreza, or Crosstrek. Any new Subaru comes with 3 ye. MAPS & MAP UPDATES Driving with an outdated map could greatly affect your journey ahead!

Avoid unwanted surprises such as new speed limits and road changes by updating your map today. Whether you need to purchase a new map, or simply want to update a map you already own – we are here to help! Help me now. Subaru announced today that they have released their first wifi map update for Generation **. This video walks you through the update process! Comment if. We have a Subaru Forester.

It appears that the road base map is obsolete (dated ). When does TomTom typically issue map updates (for Subaru)? The Subaru Canada Map Update program email registration page is intended only for those customers who have purchased a model year or model year Subaru vehicle with navigation (excluding 17MY Impreza and 16MY & 17MY BRZ). Is not the whole idea of Over the Air map updates just to connect update and get an update, if there is one? On Forester '16, indeed there was some web site.

I registered, put microSD card from car's head unit and got map updates. I am showing how to update / upgrade the maps on Gen2 Subaru Navigation head-units to the latest version via the Subaru Website Toolbox utility to the existi. There is a new map update available for your vehicle you can download. By downloading and installing the new map update, you can get the most recent map in your vehicle. To download the new map update, please click the button below or copy and paste the map update.

I have a tom tom GPS and about 2 or 3 times a year am told there is a free new update for it, and here I hear that on my new the GPS is using a map and If I want an update it will cost me an extra $ If thats true then its time to ask for the deposit back and keep looking for a company treats it's customers better. The Subaru Starlink Navigation System, powered by TomTom, offers many features that allow you to navigate to your desired destination easily.

To help you better under the updates and features of the Subaru Starlink Navigation System, Camelback Subaru. Should a new map update be released within 60 days of your new vehicle purchase, this latest version will also be provided free of charge.

Download a new map now! If you’re a current Subaru owner looking to download the latest map updates for your Subaru navigation system, please check eligibility and availability here Today, I received an email from Subaru that a map update was available.

I installed it. At this time, since we have no trips planned, I can't say whether the update is good or bad, but it is an update. What may be troubling, the car still shows that it is using a base map. The update that I just installed may update the road information to. You don't have to wait until your next trip to your Retailer to update your Subaru’s built-in maps.

Save time and money by doing it yourself. Simply select your Subaru model and year from the list below and follow the prompts to purchase your built-in map update. Firmware Over The Air Update *. The Subaru Map Update Program Period commences on the earlier of the date when the map subject to the Latest Map Guarantee is installed, or when the vehicle navigation unit is turned on, the GPS is located, and the vehicle is driven at least 20 kilometres from the initial/first GPS location fix position.

Manufacturer-approved updates. HERE works directly with automotive manufacturers to ensure that each map update integrates seamlessly with your vehicle’s navigation system. Designed to increase efficiency and optimize your system’s performance, all map updates include new and modified roads, points of interest, addresses, signage and more. The Tomtom graphic display rivals the Garmin models from If you are looking at a Subaru, forget the built-in navigation system.

Tomtom has yet to really unleash the potential of Subaru. A delay of a few months is reasonable. But it appears that the maps accessible to Subaru are now 2 years out-of-date. That is unreasonable. Subaru should have marketing clout to get TomTom to update the maps. I wonder, if the in-dash navigation system is felexible enough to switch to Garmin?

PS: There is a TomTom forum, where I also left a message. Does anyone know how well Subaru stays on top of firmware/software updates to the head unit, computer and maps? These days, it's essential to release at least semi-regular patches if not to address bugs then at least to remediate cyber security issues with new vulnerabilities, especially with proximity keys and the built-in wireless hotspot feature. 6 † Cross street or intersection - tap this button to set your destination as the point where two streets meet.

† Spoken address - tap this button to set your destination by announcing the address to your TomTom. In this example, we will enter an exact address. 4. Tap Street and house number. Note: When planning a trip for the first time your TomTom asks you to choose. Subaru Navigation Map Tutorial Outback Map update via TomTom Home More information *This page shows a part of in-dash navigation systems with TomTom navigation software; if you cannot find your product in this page, please visit the homepage of your car brand.

With TomTom, you really only need to update the maps every four or five years. The latest update still has wrong traffic speeds (our city changed them about five years ago), and POI information is still wrong.

The latest update still says there's a Shell station near my home. I have seen now two updates released during 6 months ownership time. First in December and then June Remember that map updates are provided by TomTom and after that Subaru can provide updates to their customers.

Personally I prefer to use online maps, e.g. Google Maps, to make sure that I have very latest updates available. Subaru offers standard Bluetooth hands-free technology on every model to manage phone and audio systems. Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones link directly through your Subaru audio system automatically, once connected. Receive and initiate calls or play music directly from your device — all while keeping it conveniently stowed away. Get the latest street maps and points of interest for all Garmin product categories: automotive, golf, marine, aviation, outdoor and cycling.

Get state-of-the-art navigation from Subaru and TomTom, the industry leader. SUBARU STARLINK Multimedia Navigation powered by TomTom combines the benefits of. Looks like the TomTom Navigation Updates aren't "exactly" free during the first 3 years: 3. To be eligible for the free yearly map update a scheduled service must be carried out by a participating Subaru Service Centre during at least once every 12 months. For any missed scheduled services during a 12 month period, the yearly map update is.

It should be fairly easy to swap one of those in. The only thing I'm unsure of is whether the factory mic that the Kenwood Navi needs (in the map light cluster) is present. According to the carscom site (unofficial 'Subaru-pedia'), Foresters with the TomTom get the older-style SWC buttons (6 audio functions only, no phone/Bluetooth buttons). SG SUBARU Forester 14 SD Navigation Card, MAP Update Version Q3 for North America, USA/Canada Part Number SG out of 5 stars 2 CA SUBARU IMPREZA WRX and BRZ SD NAVIGATION CARD, MAP UPDATE LATEST VERSION FOR NORTH AMERICA, USA / CANADA PART NUMBER CA   Amsterdam, September 21st ***; TomTom has been chosen by Subaru to be the global maps and navigation supplier for their next generation infotainment global platform will launch first in North America with the all-new Subaru Impreza.

HARMAN International, the leading audio and infotainment supplier, is the Tier 1 system provider. Different navigation devices are compatible with different updates and extras. This is why needs to know your device model number in order to show you the available free and pay updates.

By entering our website with your previously created user account, you agree that personal data associated with your user account will. I do not know how the map versioning works between TomTom and Subaru but I just did this latest update and can confirm that changes to the interstate near me that opened last fall are indeed included in this update. I did not think to check the previous version for the same changes so I can not say if this is new for this update.

Subaru Map Update Portal TeamWe've been using our Garmin and Android Auto for our trips. However, I still suspect that the TomTom map database that we get for the Subaru is obsolete. TomTom updates the maps four times a year, and my personal experience with their units has shown them to generally be timely updates, but I have no idea. is the official map update portal for a growing number of personal trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners. offers updates for the following navigation devices and software:Subaru, Subaru Australia, Subaru Europe, Subaru . - Subaru Tomtom Map Update Free Download © 2013-2021