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Free download gaia nazca mummy update. The Pursuit to Unearth the Secrets of the Nazca Mummies In the spring ofGaia filmmakers joined researchers outside Nazca, Peru to investigate several anomalous, mummified bodies.

Our initially published footage of the mummies spurred controversy online and within the scientific community, encouraging a deeper investigation. Nazca 3-Finger Mummies Update from Recent Peru Conference Paul Seaburn Novem “You can’t keep a good three-fingered mummy down.” If that’s not a saying in Peru, it should be. Nazca mummies, everything about nazca mummies discovered in Peru. Scientific proves and amazing videos with a lost of information. Click here.

Nazca Mummies UFO Aliens. True will set you free. interview with a man who claims he was abducted by aliens. The bodies, which included a three-fingered corpse, were reportedly found in a tomb near the Nazca Lines in southern Peru, and it was thought by some researchers they could be a.

Nazca "Alien Mummy" Update #2 A well-placed source inside Gaia has told me that they commissioned a very well known and respected Remote Viewer to look at the alleged "Alien Mummy"nicknamed "Maria" and that he told them wait for it. (Enerchi) Below are two updates about the alien mummies found in Peru. One update is from Collective Evolution via their FaceBook, as they state that eggs were found in one of the mummies. Another update is directly from Gaia TV and they posted a video on their YouTube channel.

Awhile back there was a Gaia video that discusses the finding in Peru of the ancient remains of beings that were apparently humanoid but unlike anything known. (alien or alien/human hybrid was a common speculation). If you are not familiar with this subject, watch the video.

As amazing as that find was, it is getting even better with a new update. Unearthing Nazca – Update 7. 06/03/ Here is Gaia’s video about the latest analyzes of the bodies discovered in Nazca, Peru (Note: the original Gaia video was only available for 2 days) The video below was published by Jois Mantilla, English version, subtitled in Spanish).

The people at claim to have found a mummy that may not be human. Talk on the interwebs tells us it's a space alien! After, the organization behind the investigation and excavation, sent some of Maria's DNA to a lab in Canada, however, they found that. On 20 Junethe web site published a video purporting to show the excavation and examination of a mummified body in Nazca, Peru: In the spring ofGaia filmmakers joined. Russian scientists claim this mummy, found near Nazca in Peru last year, may not have been human (Gaia).

the alleged "Nazca mummy" as it allegedly appears on an X-ray image shown on The above image is shown, allegedly being an X-ray image of the mummy. A date appears on the wole image: "May". This would mean that this image is 20 years.

Since then, Gaia has continued their research coverage with two updates (update 4 and 5) and an English subtitled video of a July 11 press conference held in Lima, Peru. These videos touched upon some of the issues I brought up regarding the larger mummy, Maria, and.

Nazca mummy update (eggs found in one of the mummies). Update from Gaia T. This newly found discovery has opened up a world of mysteries to be unraveled. Gaia shares their commentary on Unearthing Nazca now that more results are in.

Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. The mysterious Nazca mummy could be the “most important discovery of the 21st century”, a Brit researcher has said.

DNA tests conducted on the mummy called Maria – a three fingered female with an elongated head – could alter history textbooks on its head, he added. Any new updates on the Nazca mummy? (DNA) Close. Posted by. u/Rationalist 2 years ago. Archived. Any new updates on the Nazca mummy?

(DNA) Curious if they could determine what species it is or hybrid. Gaia shares their commentary on Unearthing Nazca now that more results are in.

WATCH UPDATE #1 FREE ON Analysis of New Nazca Mummies Alberto, Josefina, and Wawita New Info. It has been three weeks since my last article on the anomalous mummies in Peru.

Since then, Gaia has continued their research coverage with two updates (update 4 and 5) and an English subtitled video of a July 11 press conference held in Lima, Peru. These videos touched upon. The folks at Gaia have released a short Q&A about the ET ‘Mummy’ that was found in Peru. They go over a lot of skeptic’s questions and observations which I think is good for those who are genuinely interested but need a little more info: (AWE) “ Nazca.

By: By: Gaia Staff | June 1st, Just under a year ago we released the short series, Unearthing Nazca, detailing the discovery of an anomalous mummy found in Peru. Predictably, the revelation stirred up excitement, as well as some controversy and criticism. Since then, a considera. A slickly-produced mini documentary emerged claiming to show the excavation of the "mummy" from near the UNESCO World Heritage Nazca Lines site, which is a series of ancient geoglyphs in the Nazca.

If you want the latest news on the controversial three-fingered Peruvian possibly-alien mummies allegedly found in the Nazca desert, the place to go would be Rome? Good guess. With the disgust that the Peruvian government, public and antiquities experts seem to have towards the “project” which is slowly and pay-as-you-go-ly (it’s a new [ ].

Mummy Congress Not Buying Peruvian 3-Fingered Mummies | Mysterious Universe Excerpt: “Based on the X-ray of this hand and using basic comparative anatomy, I identify the bones that make it up and show that, one, the hand is formed by at least two human individuals and, two, that each finger has two human metacarpals – an absolute anatomical and evolutionary aberration.

Paulo Paganelli was UFO Today’s reporter at the Evento Mondiale A Roma Le Incredibili Mummie Deserto Di Nazca (World Event In Rome: The Incredible Mummies Desert Of Nazca) in Rome and he sent in detailed coverage of the presentation by Konstantin Korotkov, a professor at St.

Petersburg Polytechnic in Russia and the designated scholarly expert on the project. The bodies are so remarkably preserved due mainly to the dry climate in the Peruvian Desert but the funeral rites were also a contributing factor.

The bodies were clothed in embroidered cotton and then painted with a resin and kept in purpose-built tombs made from mud bricks. The resin is thought to have kept out insects and slowed bacteria trying to feed on the bodies.

OCTO. There was an irregular, sudden incursion of archaeologists associated with the Ministry of Culture and local representatives of this ministry accompanied by 8 policemen trying to have access to the room where the mummies are being kept inside the university.

They wanted to confiscate the 3-finger Nazca bodies (including the large mummy “María”) but could. Another update is directly from Gaia TV and they posted a video on their YouTube channel. Related Potential Alien Body Unearthed In [ ] Filed Under: Uncategorized Tagged With: collective evolution, conspiracy, disclosure, extraterrestrials, GaiamTV, government coverup, nazca mummy, Science.

The researchers from St Petersburg say that Maria, a 5th century mummy, has a different anatomical structure to humans. Maria was just one of six mummies found inside the tomb in Nazca. Jaime Maussan, an investigative journalist from Mexico, first introduced this find to Gaia filmmakers.

They joined a team of researchers and scientists just outside of Nazca to investigate the story of the mummified body. A video discussing the analysis of results so far suggests that the body may be unique to the known fossil record. Update Eggs Found in Nazca Mummy page: 1. log in. join. share: Mandroid7. posted on Jun, 30 @ PM link. Just watched an interesting video related to the Nazca Mummy. Apparently they just found eggs inside of them.

Gaia is partner with the Inkari Institute and Jaime Maussan's Tercer Milenio. They will mutually present their. Mysterious Mummies of Nazca. Dr Konstantin Korotkov, who says with certainty in the Gaia video that the Nazca mummy “belongs to another creature,” also claims to have invented a camera that can photograph the soul and has previously made a host of pseudo-scientific pronouncements about the measurement of “auras”. If we send positive emotions, if we send love to each other, then we.

In the series Unearthing Nazca, investigators claim to have found an alien mummy in South America. Professional archaeologists think they've actually found an ancient human mummy. The series has been criticized for its misrepresentation of historical drevelit.ruhing Nazca is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (7 episodes).

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We may also earn commissions on purchases from other retail drevelit.ruional news regarding the mummified ‘alien’ remains discovered in a remote cave near Nazca Peru: “30 percent of this DNA is similar to the human being, but Hey everybody so we're gonna be going through and an update update here here on on the the nice nazca come money money situation situation so so if if you're you're not not familiar familiar we we release release a a story story about about a a week week ago ago following following diet diet will will coming coming on on their their money money a a mama mama find find a a body body that that.

In a video on, Korotkov claims that radiocarbon-dating results show that one of the mummies (the same one that Nelson says looks like it was made with parts from a Nazca mummy.

Spazio: ultima frontiera. Credere che siamo soli nell'universo è come credere che la Terra sia piatta. Come disse l'astrofisico Labeque al palazzo dell'UNESCO, durante il congresso mondiale del SETI di Parigi del Settembre" SOMETHING IS HERE", "Qualcosa è qui", e I TEMPI SONO MATURI per farsene una ragione. These 'Alien' Mummies Appear to Be a Mix of Looted Body Parts.

Looted in mummies were supposedly discovered in by tomb robbers working in the Nazca region, an area where the ancient Nazca Mysterious researcher. Mummy. We know it is from Nazca Peru and in the control of Peruvian authorities. One outlet that is releasing as much as it can and providing updates is The reason I take this way more seriously than the critics here is things like the Atacama Mummy. This one has now had years of investigation and to me very highly seems to be something.

Jay Weidner of reported on the invention of a irregular mummified physique in Nazca, Peru. The mummy has a a small elongated cranium, three long fingers on every hand and three long toes on every foot, and is covered in what appears to be a white powder. Jaime Maussan is a UFOologist - a journalist well known in UFO circles as someone who hypes evidence-free claims of aliens, etc. He appears to be the person who led Gaia to the mummy.

Jay Weidner of Gaia has a long history of making esoteric videos like "chemtrails and the sun", and does not seems like a neutral documentary filmmaker. Updates of the situation regarding the alleged humanoid Nazca mummies found in Nazca will be continuously provided for a few days.

Update: July First of all, a Summary of Findings by the team of scientists working with Gaia TV, Jaime Maussan, and Inkari Institute. Translated with Google Translator from Mr. Jaime Maussan’s Facebook page.

Jimmy will have an update on the Nazca Mummy tonight on the show and a 'sneak' review of the Part 5 of the series that will be released tomorrow from. Nazca Mummy: Ancient Extraterrestrial, Abnormally Deformed Species, or Elaborate Hoax? Early in the spring ofGaia filmmakers joined into a scientific expedition with researchers and scientists in a remote location outside of Nazca, Peru, to investigate what has been claimed as an unearthed mummified body.

A still from's documentary series Unearthing Nazca. The Express recently cited a report from the Paleo DNA laboratory at Lakehead University, Ontario, Canada, that showed that DNA samples taken from one of the Peruvian mummies being touted as an example of extraterrestrial existence have been shown to be a % match with human DNA.

Gaia and Nazca, Peru 3-fingered/toed mummy. Someone might want to monitor this story and add it, or add a link to it, in this article if it turns out to be a major discovery and not a hoax. well i got on the Gaia Site and here is a preview of Update 2: Analysis Begins Unearthing Nazca S1:Ep39 minsJ I just want too let you ATS Members be sure to click on the Comments (view all comments) of the Ones that seen it on the site.

Apparently you have too be a Member to see the Preview (so far) go figure! Benitez also took part in Gaia’s Nazca project and can be seen in the video claiming that the three fingers of the mummy “makes us think that this does not belong to a human species.” Interestingly later in the article it appears that Gaia were the . - Gaia Nazca Mummy Update Free Download © 2013-2021